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Ashitaba. It’s also known as “Tomorrow’s Leaf”.
Legend has it, pluck a leaf at dawn and
a new leaf takes its place the next day.
Native to the small, volcanic Japanese island of
Hachijō-jima. Inhabitants there have one of the
longest life expectancies on earth and Ashitaba is part
of the daily diet. This supplement is rich with chalconoids, potent,
and rare flavonoids that promote healthy cell development.
This is the formula for longevity and for living.

Organic Ashitaba for rejuvenation, longevity, and metabolic repair. A natural source of chlorophyll, chalconoids, antioxidants and phytonutrients.


More about the science

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Take two 500mg capsules daily for maximum, cumulative results. Keep your Ashitaba fresh. Store in a cool, dry cupboard and use by best before date.

Pure Organic Ashitaba.
Contains eleven vitamins and thirteen minerals.

NUTRIENT Per 100g 10g (1 TBS)
Calories (kj)00
Calories (kcal)00
Calories from Fat (g)00
Total Fat (g)00
Saturated Fat (g)00
Cholesterol (mg)00
Sodium (mg)2.550
Total Carbohydrate (g)1.353.9
Dietary Fibre (g)0.24
Potassium (g)0.052
Calcium (g)0.093.5

The ingredients that make Japan-Ashitaba so effective:

Organic Ashitaba:
Ashitaba has been used for its medicinal value for hundreds of years. It’s rich in Vitamin B12 and is one of the highest antioxidant-rich plants that protect body cells from free radical damage and an excellent source for anti-aging. It helps protect and repair DNA damage and has a high concentration of chalcones that essentially purifies the blood.